3 Effective Mental Exercises To Improve Your Brain Power

“Exercise Your Brain to improve your Brain Power”
“Exercise Your Brain to improve your Brain Power”

Mental exercises can bring a lot of benefits to our overall brain health. In fact, these exercises are as equally important as physical exercises. There are several mental exercises which you can search on the internet. This article talks about three effective exercises for the brain.

Simple mistakes like losing your keys or misplacing your phones are just indicators of dull memory due to many factors like severe fatigue, mental ailments, and unhealthy lifestyle. Watching TV is an activity that puts the brain in a neutral state. Therefore, it is not advisable to watch television for long hours if you want to have mental stimulation. Performing cognitive exercises are important so that the brain can function continuously. Moreover, the harmful chemicals brought by cigarette smoking can be the cause of poor memory.

In order to increase your brain function, doing mental exercises and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will definitely get you in the zone.

Challenge your brain

Brain games are like memory vitamins which can help boost the memory and enable us to think clearer and faster. Mental games are also effective in reducing stress and increasing our energy levels. Below are examples of mental games which can increase the processing speed of our memory.


“An Ultimate game to challenge your Brain”
“An Ultimate game to challenge your Brain”

This is a fun and addictive number puzzle game wherein you have to fill out a grid of numbers. This game does not only improve your brain health but also enhance your problem-solving skills.

Word games

Memorizing new words each day does not only improve your fluency in grammar and vocabulary but it also stimulates the brain process.

Math problems

Solving simple math problems everyday will definitely help get your brain in shape and makes you less dependent on the calculator.


“A fun game for all ages”
“A fun game for all ages”

Research shows that even this game is an effective brain exercise especially for the elderly.

Learn new things

One simple yet effective method to enhance our brain function is by learning new things. Reading a book, playing a musical instrument, taking on a new hobby like scrapbooking or knitting, and learning a new language or dialect are great ways to stimulate the brain.

Break routines and habits

Changing your daily habits and routines can definitely help arouse the brain. Simple things like driving a different route to work, re-arranging the house furniture, shopping at varying stores, or doing something different on the weekend can help stimulate the brain by breaking habits.

Mental exercises are important but you have to keep in mind that anything you do to keep your brain sharp is useless if you do not keep your body healthy. Proper diet and physical exercise along with sufficient rest and meditation are likewise necessary to improve your overall brain performance.

Making 1, 2, 3 Great Choices In Investments

“Start Investing today”
“Start Investing today”

People nowadays should be able to watch where they are stepping, this especially when it comes to money and investing in certain things or companies. Investments will be able to get you places, but there are some companies that are not worth the investment and can really hit you hard in the budget area. It is a really bad feeling having lost a significant amount of money in a bad investment, especially if you are a businessman or even just a regular citizen.
But hey, you should not be discouraged with bad investments, instead you should use this as a motivation to really look for good and worthwhile investments and be more careful about where you spend your money. Think about this, investing not on the companies that produce the direct product that customers see, but investing more on the ones that are concerned with the distribution, the backbone of these companies, the middlemen.

In accordance to this middleman business, there are three companies that have proven themselves to be worthwhile investments.

Houston Wire & Cable Co. (HWCC)

“Have you thought about investing today?”
“Have you thought about investing today?”

Have you ever thought about what lies behind a cozy little house? Well of course cement, but there is something else more complicated than that. What is it? Wires… lots and lots of wires. HWCC is one of the biggest distributors of wires used of course for housing and infrastructure building. Some contractors have the tendency to buy their wires in bulk or by spools, which can actually cost more than just ringing up HWCC since not everything on the spool will be used at once and will have the tendency of damage or theft while in storage. In HWCC, they deliver the exact amount of wires you will need overnight, saving tons of money and headaches.

Pool Corp. (POOL)

This is a wholesale distributor of swimming pool supplies, and actually one of the largest in the world. Pool Corp. does not actually sell the chlorine, Kickboards or whatnot that people see in the pools, but rather they sell the bulk products that are not less than necessary in the constructing of a pool. Pool Corp. has actually come out of a rather bad economic downturn, and is actually in a much better shape than it has ever been in before. So if you are thinking of building a pool in your backyard, this is the company to invest in.

EastGroup Properties (GRP)

This is a real estate investment trust that is based in Jackson, Miss. Despite being a big real estate investment trust, EastGroup really owns nothing more but warehouses and terminals, which is actually rather attractive to many consumers. This is because fuel prices are going high and just going to these kinds of distributions rather than offices and retail stores are more cost efficient, and warehousing will remain an important and effective business strategy.

So think about these top three choices of companies in your future endeavors, you might just be able to find this really helpful.

3 Tips to Manage Time Effectively

“Plan your day’s tasks”
“Plan your day’s tasks”

If there is one commodity that we are all given with the same measure, it is time. We all get 24 hours in a day. What we do, though, with that time, is what makes our day: fulfilled, or not. Despite the many inventions that speed up things like the computer in place of standard paper works, internet communication in place of the traditional snail mail, household appliances with different button speeds depending on the user’s need, super speed elevators and bullet trains to get from one place to another almost instantly, we still seem to lack the time to finish what we should. Hence, good, quality sleep has often been jeopardized in the name of due dates. Below are 3 main tips in order to get hold of your time effectively.

1. Prioritize

“Prioritize the necessity- before you forget”
“Prioritize the necessity- before you forget”

You probably have heard about procrastination that it’s a nasty habit because it is putting off a task for later. Whatever is done first is usually something of less importance. Prioritizing is different. It is ordering all the important things/tasks so that you will be able to beat the deadline or meet the satisfaction that each is called for. So, between a crying baby and a computer task whose deadline is still many hours later. The priority would be to take care of the crying baby first and continue with your computer task later.
So what makes a task important? Generally, it has something to do with the deadline but it can also be about threats to life, job, safety, and everything else that you consider important. What you consider more important than the other is your decision. Whatever the benefits or consequences, they will also be yours.

2. Categorize

Categorizing is putting together what falls under the same group. Have two categories: difficult and easy. No in-betweens. Difficult tasks are those difficult for you to perform. It will take you more time before you can accomplish such tasks. The same with the easy tasks, put a time limit for each task. How long do you think will it take you to perform each? When you have categorized your tasks, finish those tasks first, which are difficult and make sure to be right on time, if not early. By finishing the difficult tasks first, you are left with the easy ones which you can probably finish earlier than your assigned time limit.

3. Energize

“Keep your energy levels high”
“Keep your energy levels high”

People are meant to eat nutrients, sleep at least seven hours to repair the body and move about to keep the body joints moving when they are needed. Depriving the body of these essentials will only diminish your power to work, then you have to work on the next day in order to finish your tasks for that day. Habitually, depriving yourself of these will ultimately drain your energy levels and you will not be able to work right.

If you find yourself often being out of time, check your habits. Manage your time by properly prioritizing, categorizing and energizing.