Baked Goods as Gifts: Why or Why Not

“Do you want one?”

Sometimes, you might want to end up treating your hookup to a delicious feast from a bakery. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Hamilton or in any other part of the world–this can have both good and bad results depending on the lady that you’re hooking up with. Some women are going to adore it, while other women might just think it’s a bland, boring gift that doesn’t really hold any weight. This is why it’s good to know the pros and cons of gifting baked goods to your hookup, and why it’s actually a pretty valid online sex dating strategy in a lot of cases if it’s used correctly. The key word, of course, is definitely correctly!

The Right Bakery

“Choose the best bakery in your area”

While it might be a great idea to go out to the new, trendy bakery in town and get your hookup an amazing gift of cupcakes, that’s not always going to work out well for you. The trendy bakeries aren’t always the ones that have the best stuff, and honestly, one of the best online sex dating strategies that we can hand out to you is doing your research. It’s up to you to find the best bakeries in Hamilton when it comes to giving your hookups gifts, and to not settle on the very first one that you saw on the side of the road.

Doing your research can go a long way in this regard. You really don’t want to give your hookup a truffle that tastes like crap, as it’s going to give a pretty bad impression overall. You want quality baked goods, and this is the sort of thing that you really do need to do your research for. Also, there are different kinds of bakeries. You don’t want to end up going into a bakery that only caters to romantic couples, as that’s going to really give the wrong impression. You also don’t want a Jewish bakery, for example, if she’s not Jewish or anything close to that. You don’t want to make her think that you’re pushing anything strange off onto her, because that’s not going to win her over at all.

The Right Baked Goods

“Make your choice”

While giving baked goods as a gift can be a great idea, it honestly all depends on what kinds of goods that you’re gifting her at the end of the day. Baked goods as gifts can be a valid online sex dating strategy…so long as you gift the right things, and aren’t making it into something weird and awkward. While it might seem strange that the difference between a pie and a cupcake exists, it’s very, very real, and the right gift from a bakery can make the world of difference.

When it comes to your first hookups, we highly recommend the gift of some kind of chocolate. Most bakeries make their own cake pops or truffles, and this is the sort of thing that usually goes over well even if you don’t know anything about your hookup’s preferences. This is also a sexier sort of gift from a bakery than a lot of the cutesy cakes and such that they have available. You want to stick to sexy for that first hookup, especially if you just don’t know the girl very well at all.

For hookups that you’ve seen in the past, you can get cuter gifts. We recommend cupcakes in this case, especially if you know the kinds of flavors that she’s into. This will win her over in a way that makes her very excited to be hooking up with you, because hey, who doesn’t want an after-sex cupcake?

Quality, Not Quantity

“Quality matters”

This is where that research comes in again. You really don’t want to end up gifting her something from a bakery that just isn’t any good at all, and that’s why it’s better to go to a bakery that sells out of everything because it’s so damned good. While this might mean that you end up gifting your hookup smaller portions of things, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Smaller gifts are usually better, especially if the quality is that much higher.

By gifting her something that’s a lot more quality than quantity, you’re making a much better impression. You’d think this would be how to hookup 101, because this honestly applies to any and all gifts that you should be giving her in the future…but so many guys simply don’t realize this simple fact. You need to take the time to make sure that the baked goods you’re giving her are quality, and this is why you should probably check out the bakeries in the area before you actually buy her something from them. A taste test really can’t hurt!

Once is Enough

“You don’t have to bring it every time you see her”

Gifts from bakeries can be really cute…but seriously, once is enough. You shouldn’t go out of your way to pick her up something at the bakery every single time that you see her. That’s just going to start making it weird, and it’s also going to start giving the wrong impression about your relationship with her. If you start trying to feed her sweets all the time, she’ll probably think that you’re trying to be romantic, and that’s really the exact opposite of what needs to happen.

The other thing about baked goods is that they’re an original gift, but only once. Your woman isn’t going to want to have a batch of cupcakes every time you see her. She’s going to get sick of it, and she’s honestly going to think that you’re just trying to get out of any sort of real and expensive gift by giving her baked things all of the time. Again, it’s cute once, so just do it once, and then drop the idea of giving her baked goods. It’s not something that you can really continuously, repeatedly do when it comes to your hookups in general.

Avoid the Romance

Avoid any sorts of cupcakes, cakes, or other baked goods that have a lot of romantic connotations with them. Sexy things are fine–though good luck finding them–but anything with hearts and love written all over them, are really going to give the wrong impression when it comes to your hookups. Gifting baked goods already skirts the line of being a little too intimate, and that’s something that you need to be careful of whenever you’re gifting her this sort of thing in the first place. It is a fine line that you have to maintain or else, you will end up in a serious relationship. Learn how to maintain that fine line, visit and get some interesting tips on mastering online dating.

Overall, however, baked goods can make a great hookup present. They really don’t need to be overused as a present, obviously, but they still are completely valid if you do it all within reason. Your hookup will really appreciate the thought and she’ll definitely want to enjoy her goods sooner rather than later. So long as you don’t make it a regular thing, she’ll think it’s a sweet, fun addition to meting up with you, especially if you actually do your research and get her something from a bakery that creates quality products. She’ll definitely remember it, and she’ll be able to enjoy a little taste of your hookup long after the two of you have moved on from your evening.

Top Of The List GPS For iPhone

“Best iPhone GPS Apps”
“Best iPhone GPS Apps”

Travel, leisure and adventure can be more exciting if you got a great GPS on your iPhone. It enables you to navigate without hassle. You can see the broad picture of your location. The GPS makes your travel faster, more efficient and stress-free because it can show you shortcuts routes and streets with less traffic. The GPS on your iPhone is a great tour guide which you can rely on.

Different types of GPS

Do you know that there are different types of GPS? Yes, there are three types that are available now. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses is a great advantage to you.

Maps on board

If you want to go to remote places with rough roads and forested spaces, this type is for you. Remote places have weak or no cellular phone signal. Maps on board do not require such signal assistance. You just have to point it to open space and it will work by itself. However, it can occupy 1.5GB in your iPhone memory.

Maps on demand

This kind of GPS requires a cellular phone signal although, it does not occupy as much as the maps on board. If your activity area is within the vicinity and you value your iPhone memory so much. This device is for you.


As the name implies, contains the features of both maps on board and maps on demand. While it occupies only 500MB at most of your iPhone memory, it needs broadband to navigate new data. So, if you are planning to have a small trip in regions with scanty signal, you just have to download the whole regional map. So, by the time you get in the location, you do not need to capture the whole map because it’s already in your iPhone memory.

Top 3 GPS for iPhone

GPS on the iPhone is one of the helpful essential for the frequent traveler. Here are the top 3 on a standalone GPS:

Google Maps Navigation

Aside from being free to download, Google Maps Navigation provides a great picture of the region. To can zoom in and out with ease. You can choose to a roadmap picture or to an actual bird’s eye view.

Magellan’s Roadmate

“Excellent Voice- enabled GPS”
“Excellent Voice- enabled GPS”

This is a voice-enabled GPS. It also has an alarm safety feature like additional voice direction. This would cost you an additional fee, too. Compared to the popularly used Google Maps, this one has more lively pictures of the road that makes it easier for you to glance while driving. The disadvantage of this compared to the later is the $59.99 you have to pay to download it.

Scout By Telenav

It provides you with route planning by the time you set it. With large buttons carrying your address, it shows nearby significant locations like restaurants and parking. You can also check the weather with it. The difference it has compared to other GPS is that it has a driver’s view. Plus, you can shift from 2D to 3D.
GPS for iPhone provides greater ease in driving. With it, you will never find yourself lost in another city or miscalculate the weather. GPS for iPhones takes you to a stress-free and safe journey.

3 Helpful Tips on Dating for Divorced Men

Going through a divorce is not easy. The pain of a broken marriage, coupled with issues of custody and acrimony can take its toll on a man’s self-confidence.

Mourn for your loss and move on. Divorced dads should realize that at this point, building their Self-confidence is vital to getting back into the game. And no, you’re not damaged goods!

Why self confidence?

“Stop living in the past and build your Self confidence”
“Stop living in the past and build your Self confidence”

For men who have been out of the loop, feelings of apprehension that they might end up doing something stupid during a date is natural.
A traumatic experience on the relationship front can put some pressure on making it work the second time around that Friday nights at home would sound more appealing instead of going out and having fun.
At this point, it’s important to take stock of yourself and approach it methodically. You will be spending not only time and money but also your feelings and this last one is just priceless.

What to do?

Before jumping into the deep end of dating, it’s important to understand that you have to be on your game. Otherwise, you will become susceptible to unhealthy behavior that can lead to unhealthy relationships.

You don’t want to be embroiled in another drama after having just undergone a major breakdown of your marriage. Here are a few tips to consider when you’re ready to join the dating game:

1. Take it easy on yourself.

– If you feel you’re not yet ready to go out, start easy. Don’t meet women in bars unless you’re ready. Aggressive environments like that may make you feel awkward and stressful and kill whatever initiative you had in the first place.
Try the internet instead. It’s easy and you don’t have to go out just to meet potential dates. You can start and move at your own pace and there are a lot of dating sites to choose from.

2. Don’t bad mouth your Ex.

– This is the most important rule divorced dads should remember! Don’t even think of talking about your ex-wife. It will really make you look like a loser. Resist the urge to talk about your ex-wife even if your date asks.
Find light and fun topics and steer the conversation there. When the date ends, you will be left with a light feeling that will encourage you to go out more and have fun.
If you have the need to talk about the end of your marriage, do it in therapy. Find a shrink or talk to a priest. That way, you honor your feelings without the unnecessary questions.

3. Don’t rush.

- If you feel you still need quiet time to heal, do so. Don’t rush into another relationship just so you will have someone to talk to. This is a quick fix and you are in danger of getting into a rebound relationship.
A rebound relationship will distract you from what you really want in a relationship. The urgency and desire to make up for what you missed the last time can be misleading motivators that can cause you to run in the wrong direction. It is the wrong way to move on.

Dealing with the pain.

“Deal with the pain like a MAN”
“Deal with the pain like a MAN”

Divorce will always involve pain and healing from the emotional wounds takes time. Find a support system and allow yourself to experience the whole range of pain resulting from the loss before dating again. After you have effectively dealt with your loss, you will be ready to take on a new chapter of your life.

3 Effective Mental Exercises To Improve Your Brain Power

“Exercise Your Brain to improve your Brain Power”
“Exercise Your Brain to improve your Brain Power”

Mental exercises can bring a lot of benefits to our overall brain health. In fact, these exercises are as equally important as physical exercises. There are several mental exercises which you can search on the internet. This article talks about three effective exercises for the brain.

Simple mistakes like losing your keys or misplacing your phones are just indicators of dull memory due to many factors like severe fatigue, mental ailments, and unhealthy lifestyle. Watching TV is an activity that puts the brain in a neutral state. Therefore, it is not advisable to watch television for long hours if you want to have mental stimulation. Performing cognitive exercises are important so that the brain can function continuously. Moreover, the harmful chemicals brought by cigarette smoking can be the cause of poor memory.

In order to increase your brain function, doing mental exercises and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will definitely get you in the zone.

Challenge your brain

Brain games are like memory vitamins which can help boost the memory and enable us to think clearer and faster. Mental games are also effective in reducing stress and increasing our energy levels. Below are examples of mental games which can increase the processing speed of our memory.


“An Ultimate game to challenge your Brain”
“An Ultimate game to challenge your Brain”

This is a fun and addictive number puzzle game wherein you have to fill out a grid of numbers. This game does not only improve your brain health but also enhance your problem-solving skills.

Word games

Memorizing new words each day does not only improve your fluency in grammar and vocabulary but it also stimulates the brain process.

Math problems

Solving simple math problems everyday will definitely help get your brain in shape and makes you less dependent on the calculator.


“A fun game for all ages”
“A fun game for all ages”

Research shows that even this game is an effective brain exercise especially for the elderly.

Learn new things

One simple yet effective method to enhance our brain function is by learning new things. Reading a book, playing a musical instrument, taking on a new hobby like scrapbooking or knitting, and learning a new language or dialect are great ways to stimulate the brain.

Break routines and habits

Changing your daily habits and routines can definitely help arouse the brain. Simple things like driving a different route to work, re-arranging the house furniture, shopping at varying stores, or doing something different on the weekend can help stimulate the brain by breaking habits.

Mental exercises are important but you have to keep in mind that anything you do to keep your brain sharp is useless if you do not keep your body healthy. Proper diet and physical exercise along with sufficient rest and meditation are likewise necessary to improve your overall brain performance.

Making 1, 2, 3 Great Choices In Investments

“Start Investing today”
“Start Investing today”

People nowadays should be able to watch where they are stepping, this especially when it comes to money and investing in certain things or companies. Investments will be able to get you places, but there are some companies that are not worth the investment and can really hit you hard in the budget area. It is a really bad feeling having lost a significant amount of money in a bad investment, especially if you are a businessman or even just a regular citizen.
But hey, you should not be discouraged with bad investments, instead you should use this as a motivation to really look for good and worthwhile investments and be more careful about where you spend your money. Think about this, investing not on the companies that produce the direct product that customers see, but investing more on the ones that are concerned with the distribution, the backbone of these companies, the middlemen.

In accordance to this middleman business, there are three companies that have proven themselves to be worthwhile investments.

Houston Wire & Cable Co. (HWCC)

“Have you thought about investing today?”
“Have you thought about investing today?”

Have you ever thought about what lies behind a cozy little house? Well of course cement, but there is something else more complicated than that. What is it? Wires… lots and lots of wires. HWCC is one of the biggest distributors of wires used of course for housing and infrastructure building. Some contractors have the tendency to buy their wires in bulk or by spools, which can actually cost more than just ringing up HWCC since not everything on the spool will be used at once and will have the tendency of damage or theft while in storage. In HWCC, they deliver the exact amount of wires you will need overnight, saving tons of money and headaches.

Pool Corp. (POOL)

This is a wholesale distributor of swimming pool supplies, and actually one of the largest in the world. Pool Corp. does not actually sell the chlorine, Kickboards or whatnot that people see in the pools, but rather they sell the bulk products that are not less than necessary in the constructing of a pool. Pool Corp. has actually come out of a rather bad economic downturn, and is actually in a much better shape than it has ever been in before. So if you are thinking of building a pool in your backyard, this is the company to invest in.

EastGroup Properties (GRP)

This is a real estate investment trust that is based in Jackson, Miss. Despite being a big real estate investment trust, EastGroup really owns nothing more but warehouses and terminals, which is actually rather attractive to many consumers. This is because fuel prices are going high and just going to these kinds of distributions rather than offices and retail stores are more cost efficient, and warehousing will remain an important and effective business strategy.

So think about these top three choices of companies in your future endeavors, you might just be able to find this really helpful.

3 Tips to Manage Time Effectively

“Plan your day’s tasks”
“Plan your day’s tasks”

If there is one commodity that we are all given with the same measure, it is time. We all get 24 hours in a day. What we do, though, with that time, is what makes our day: fulfilled, or not. Despite the many inventions that speed up things like the computer in place of standard paper works, internet communication in place of the traditional snail mail, household appliances with different button speeds depending on the user’s need, super speed elevators and bullet trains to get from one place to another almost instantly, we still seem to lack the time to finish what we should. Hence, good, quality sleep has often been jeopardized in the name of due dates. Below are 3 main tips in order to get hold of your time effectively.

1. Prioritize

“Prioritize the necessity- before you forget”
“Prioritize the necessity- before you forget”

You probably have heard about procrastination that it’s a nasty habit because it is putting off a task for later. Whatever is done first is usually something of less importance. Prioritizing is different. It is ordering all the important things/tasks so that you will be able to beat the deadline or meet the satisfaction that each is called for. So, between a crying baby and a computer task whose deadline is still many hours later. The priority would be to take care of the crying baby first and continue with your computer task later.
So what makes a task important? Generally, it has something to do with the deadline but it can also be about threats to life, job, safety, and everything else that you consider important. What you consider more important than the other is your decision. Whatever the benefits or consequences, they will also be yours.

2. Categorize

Categorizing is putting together what falls under the same group. Have two categories: difficult and easy. No in-betweens. Difficult tasks are those difficult for you to perform. It will take you more time before you can accomplish such tasks. The same with the easy tasks, put a time limit for each task. How long do you think will it take you to perform each? When you have categorized your tasks, finish those tasks first, which are difficult and make sure to be right on time, if not early. By finishing the difficult tasks first, you are left with the easy ones which you can probably finish earlier than your assigned time limit.

3. Energize

“Keep your energy levels high”
“Keep your energy levels high”

People are meant to eat nutrients, sleep at least seven hours to repair the body and move about to keep the body joints moving when they are needed. Depriving the body of these essentials will only diminish your power to work, then you have to work on the next day in order to finish your tasks for that day. Habitually, depriving yourself of these will ultimately drain your energy levels and you will not be able to work right.

If you find yourself often being out of time, check your habits. Manage your time by properly prioritizing, categorizing and energizing.